Rest assured. From day one, we do everything to handle your results with the highest level of security.
At the start, your identity is known, but once the completed questionnaire and samples reach the research center, your data is encrypted. From then on, your file is always referred to with a specific code within the Health Monitor.

The scientific knowledge gathered in the research will be stored in a (hopefully growing) database. This way, your data and that of other participants can be valuable in many other studies within the framework of ‘healthy aging.’

For example, someone wants to investigate the correlation between:

  • Living on a busy road and blood fine particulate matter levels.
  • Occupation and cholesterol levels above the age of 45.
  • The influence of home or work environment on mental well-being.

In an ideal world, the Gezondheidsmonitor attracts tons of enthusiastic participants, and we receive more samples than we can process! This way, we can make a difference with our research. Please note that research sometimes takes a lot of time; you cannot expect results to be provided immediately. However, we ensure that you hear from us on a regular basis!

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