Step 1

You have received a letter explaining the Health Monitor and containing a link to the consent form.

Step 2

Our team will visit you to go over the consent form with you and answer all your questions about the Health Monitor.

Stap 3

After giving your consent, your identity information will be encrypted, and we will work with a code from then on.

Stap 4

You will receive a questionnaire from us that you can fill out online at your own pace or with the support of our team.

Step 5

We will also create a brief environmental assessment. This process takes approximately 70 minutes.

Step 6

An appointment will be scheduled to conduct a physical examination and collect your samples within two weeks: either at your home or at UZGent (you choose!). This process takes 60 minutes.

Step 7

Your data from the questionnaire, physical test, and biological samples will be securely and encrypted stored in the UZGent biobank and the UGent server. We can now get to work!

Stap 8

Awesome – the best! We have completed an important study and can share the results with other researchers, as well as with you through the website and our information channels.

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