Healthy Aging in Ghent Thanks to the Health Monitor

Discover how your genes and environment affect your health.

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Are you over 45 and living in the outskirts of Ghent?

Sign up for this ambitious project!
You will receive from us:

  • the opportunity to participate in a comprehensive high-level health study
  • the chance to learn more about health research
  • a commitment to invest in the future of ‘healthy aging’

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Unique Opportunity for Sustainable Health Research

The Health Monitor offers a unique opportunity for anyone who values their health. With an extensive team of experts, we are working together to shape a future of 'healthy aging' through cutting-edge research. We're ready, are you?

Join Us in Building a Healthy Tomorrow!

We don’t like to brag, but… the hands that will work with your data are among the top in the research sector. With all our dedicated partners, we will be able to implement preventive actions for you and future generations based on your data in the future.

Help Put the Health of Ghent Residents on the World Map

Over a period of twenty years, you will be invited every four years to collect your data, and we will share regular insights from this health research.

Comprehensive Research on Your Samples!

Your data will be handled in high-level research. This will allow us to determine if there is an increased risk of certain diseases and which medicines are most effective. More information on this can be found on our website under ‘Questions.’

Access Partner Activities

Participants in the Health Monitor can receive updates on activities and events in their area organized by our partner organizations. You’ll see that Ghent is vibrant!

Data Analysis Today is Important for Tomorrow.

By 2050, 1 in 3 Flemings will be 65 or older. If we want to address aging and ensure that our healthcare evolves to meet individual needs, we must focus on prevention.

A Top-Notch Multidisciplinary Team

A team to reckon with, together with experts from the City of Ghent & iMEC. More than thirty experts support the Health Monitor, each with their own perspective on aging.


Every participant will receive this healthy and happy goodie bag, filled by Ghent-based entrepreneurs dedicated to a healthy, ecological, and sustainable world.

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Participation Adds Value

Would you like to contribute to the healthcare of the future? Join the Health Monitor and participate in cutting-edge research on healthy aging. It's an investment in the future of 'healthy aging' together!

Participation Requires a Valuable Time Investment

In addition to completing a questionnaire, a small amount of saliva, hair, skin, blood, urine, and stool will be collected from you, along with some physical tests. An expert team will support you!

Participate with Respect for Your Privacy

Your personal data will be encrypted and stored in the database. This way, the results cannot be traced back to a specific individual, and your identity remains confidential.

Participation is Noble

Healthy aging should be a given in our society. With your data and that of 20,000 other Ghent residents, we can learn: how can we age healthily, without worries?!

Sign Up Now!

Your participation makes a difference: for you and your community. The Health Monitor is an opportunity you can’t afford to miss.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Suppose I sign up.

Great! It's wonderful that you realize how important the Health Monitor can be for our society.
Do you have specific questions about your registration and the progress of the project? You can find the most frequently asked questions here.

Data and results registration

It's important to know that scientific research involving health data is always conducted in strict compliance with privacy laws and ethical guidelines.

Do you have specific questions about the registration of your identity and the recording of results? You can find the most frequently asked questions here.

Am I eligible?

Discover here whether you qualify for participation in the research. Do you have specific questions about the eligibility requirements? You can find the most frequently asked questions here.

The research itself

Do you have specific questions about the Health Monitor?
You can find the most frequently asked questions here.

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