The data you provide in the questionnaire will be stored on a secure server at Ghent University. Your biological samples will be stored in the biobank at UZGent. Researchers will work with your data and samples to map the influence of your environment and genetics on health.

Once we have collected enough data per neighborhood, it will be possible to provide feedback at the neighborhood level. We will do this regularly.

Please note that there may be several months or even years between completing the questionnaire and the collection of your samples before a result is known. Therefore, it is important that if you have any concerns or health issues, you contact your trusted primary care provider. The Health Monitor is part of research data and is not a substitute for the regular care provided by your general practitioner/pharmacist/… We are, of course, always here for you with our expert team, in close contact with Ghent’s Primary Care!

What impact does the neighborhood where you live and the streets you pass through daily have on your health? You will discover it thanks to your participation and the participation of other local residents.

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