The Gezondheidsmonitor is a straightforward study in which a lot of data is collected and analyzed through the completion of a questionnaire, physical tests, and sample collection. We need this data to conduct a comprehensive health study with your information.

Participation in the Gezondheidsmonitor involves minimal risks. With standard blood sampling, there is a potential risk of infection at the puncture site (< 1%) or the development of a bruise. There are no additional risks for participants in all other procedures. You have the right to ask questions about the potential and/or known risks of the Gezondheidsmonitor at any time. If you experience any disadvantages from your participation in the Gezondheidsmonitor, you will receive appropriate treatment.

It is also possible that other risks and discomforts may arise that are currently unknown. Therefore, it is essential to report any new health complaints to your general practitioner as soon as possible, regardless of whether you believe the complaint is related to participation in the Gezondheidsmonitor or not.


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