In Ghent dialect, we might say that participating will “turn the wind in your favor,” meaning that things will go well for you if you participate!

Your contribution is not only noble but also offers short-term opportunities. Through our research, we highlight factors that contribute to good health, and we are more than happy to share the results. Additionally, in close collaboration with our expert team, we work closely with primary care providers in Ghent and the City of Ghent. Our valuable results can benefit your local healthcare and community.

The Gezondheidsmonitor spans 20 years, and we only allow high-quality research for the analysis of your samples. This might mean that results are only available after several months or even years. Therefore, the Gezondheidsmonitor is not a replacement for your regular healthcare; for any concerns or care needs, you should still consult your family doctor or healthcare provider.

Thanks to future research associated with the Gezondheidsmonitor, you will learn more about the health status of your neighborhood, from genetics to the environment!

Don’t let doubts hold you back! Will you join us too?

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